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All that you need to solve problems with excessive moisture and mould in the long run

Moisture absorber is an efficient and simple solution for eliminating excessive moisture in all rooms. Noiseless, unnoticeable, no energy consumer.

The continuous use of moisture absorber prevents health of household members and prevents the incidence of asthma and allergies.

The product efficiently prevents the occurrence of condensation in treated places. The surface treated with this thermal coating is by up to 5°C warmer than the surface not treated with the coating.

It is simply applied with a brush and after drying it can be painted in standard dispersion water-based paints.

StopKondenz – GROUT MARKER is a simple and efficient solution to refresh or change the colour of ceramic tiles joints.

It is very efficient in covering imperfections and stains in joints. It is suitable for use in humid environments.

If mould appears as a result of excessive moisture, SK Cleaner is an efficient solution – a liquid preparation with a sprinkler for disinfection and removal of mould from walls, windows and doors, wood, plastic, ceramic tiles, parts around the washbasin, shower booths, baths and other surfaces.

It is used in households, public and industrial facilities for treating surfaces that are not in direct contact with food or animal feed.

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